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How to Improve Your Mediation Strategy

How to Improve Your Mediation Strategy
Sage Settlement Consulting

The fastest route to resolving your client’s case at mediation is coming to the table armed with a strong game plan. By bringing a settlement consultant on board as soon as you open a case, not only can you be sure your client is appropriately compensated, but in the process, you can also save your firm valuable time and money.

Pre-Mediation: Develop a Comprehensive Overview

Before mediation, the settlement consultant can meet with your client to review life care plans, assess needs-based government benefits, and review other financial needs and goals. By developing a comprehensive overview, the settlement consultant can provide you with a detailed accounting of your client’s financial needs while you focus your efforts on preparing a strong case. In the meantime, the settlement consultant will also educate your client on the pros and cons of all available settlement options.

During Mediation: Have a Game Plan Ready

At this point, the claimant should already have a realistic idea of what to expect in terms of an offer from the defense. The claimant will also have a better understanding of relevant settlement options and any potential implications the proceeds may have on needs-based government benefits. At no cost to you or your client, an experienced settlement consultant can attend mediation and help create a solution that works for all parties involved, helping you reach resolution faster and avoid a potential impasse.

Post-Mediation: Create a Continuum of Care

Another benefit to involving your settlement consultant is the post-mediation continuum of care it creates. Reputable settlement consultants typically provide support for the life of the settlement plan. With a solid plan in place and a trusted resource to turn to for future questions, you can rest assured that your client will be set for years to come. What better way to wrap up a case than with a satisfied client (and potential referral source!) for you and your firm?

Contact Sage Settlement Consulting for Mediation Assistance

Whether you are just opening a case or preparing for mediation, make sure you contact the settlement experts at Sage Settlement Consulting today.

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