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Market-Based Structured Settlements

Sage Settlement Consulting is committed to providing plaintiff attorneys and their clients with innovative financial solutions. To that end, we work with reputable partners to provide market-based structured settlements as an alternative to or in combination with life insurance-based structured settlement programs.

Why Choose a Market-Based Structured Settlement?

Many claimants and attorneys find that market-based structured settlements provide the opportunity to receive tax-free income or tax-deferred income while enjoying market-driven growth potential.

Within a market-based structured settlement, there is considerable flexibility of design to allow for individualized planning with no contribution limit. Market-based structured settlements can work in conjunction with structured settlement annuities to create a truly balanced settlement solution.

Market-Based Structured Settlements for Claimants

Market-based structured settlements for claimants operate much like structured settlement annuities, yet with a market-based investment portfolio serving as the financial vehicle, rather than an annuity.

Claimants who elect to place their personal injury settlement proceeds in a market-based structured settlement will enjoy the same income tax-free treatment associated with structured settlement annuities.

Claimants who utilize market-based structured settlements for non-personal injury settlement funds will have the opportunity to defer taxes on their payments until the years in which the payments are received. Investments can be managed by a reputable financial institution or by the claimant’s financial advisor.

Market-Based Structured Settlements for Attorneys

Market-based structured settlements allow attorneys to invest their contingency fees in a portfolio with tax-deferred, market-related returns. As is the case with market-based structured settlements for claimants, the funds can be managed by a financial institution or by the attorney’s own financial advisor. Payments will be received on a pre-determined periodic payment schedule, with tax obligation being spread out over the course of the payments.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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    - Brian Panish, Panish, Shea & Boyle, LLP

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