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John A. (Jay) Foran, CSSC

Settlement Consultant

Jay is a senior settlement planner with over 20 years of experience handling complex settlement planning, structured settlement brokerage services, and due-diligence for plaintiffs’ attorneys and other settlement fiduciaries. As an advocate for the injured, Jay is accountable to plaintiffs, guardians, and their attorneys for all structured settlement aspects of the case to ensure that the plaintiffs’ interests are fully protected. Jay provides advice and support during all phases of settlement negotiations and is responsible for the design and implementation of customized settlement plans and creative solutions based on a thorough needs analysis, with a focus on safety and financial security.

Comprehensive settlement planning services that Jay provides include consultation; plan design recommendations to maximize benefits; detailed life-care plan analysis; future medical and support care cost projections; income-loss valuations; present-value calculations; government benefits preservation through the integration of special-needs trusts, pooled trusts and trigger trusts; settlement-protection trusts; mediation attendance; complete document preparation and review; as well as ongoing service to recipients of structured-settlement benefits. If requested, Jay can also assemble other professionals, including estates & trusts attorneys, corporate trustees, and nurse consulting professionals in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Jay is recognized as one of the industry’s most accomplished, seasoned settlement planners and handles a wide variety of cases nationwide, including both large and small single-event cases, as well as mass-tort settlement resolution. Although much of Jay’s work has often been on birth trauma and other types of catastrophic injury cases, Jay assists with all types of personal-injury claims, including medical negligence, general liability, trucking/auto liability, products liability, wrongful death, toxic torts, workers’ compensation and employment claims. Jay has long-standing relationships with hundreds of trial lawyers across the country and has placed in excess of one billion dollars in structured settlements across thousands of injury victims throughout his career. He has also assisted in the placement of hundreds of millions of dollars into various trusts for minors and incapacitated adults.

Jay and his team assist with traditional qualified structured settlements, non-qualified structured settlements, market-based structured settlements, attorney-fee structured settlements and deferral strategies, trust-administration services, Medicare Set-Asides, lien resolution, and qualified settlement funds.

Jay was instrumental in helping to secure necessary support to strengthen the Structured Settlement Protection Act (SSPA) laws in Maryland and Washington, DC, which provide more protection for recipients of structured settlements. Jay has earned the distinguished Certified Structured Settlement Consultant designation through NSSTA, which is developed in conjunction with the University of Notre Dame, Mendoza College of Business Executive Education Program. Jay graduated from Virginia Tech in 1991.

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