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Marsi Willis

Marsi Willis

Senior Case Manager

Marsida (Marsi) Willis joined Millennium Settlement Consulting’s (now Sage Settlement Consulting’s) case management team in March of 2014. Prior to joining Millennium, Marsi was a Senior Structured Settlement Coordinator at The James Street Group, where she acquired valuable experience through managing a wide range of cases, including physical injury, wrongful death, Medicare Set-Asides, and structured attorney’s fees. Marsi’s genuine passion for helping others and unwavering work ethic enabled her to assist clients in achieving their settlement planning goals.

Marsi Willis received a Bachelor of Accountancy degree from Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration in Troy, Michigan.

Marsi was born and raised in Albania and travels frequently to Europe to visit her family and friends. In her spare time, Marsi enjoys traveling, cooking, reading and exploring the Pacific Northwest with her husband and their three dogs.

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