Save Time on Your Next Case: Here's How


Contacting your settlement consultant as soon as you open a new case is the key to a smoother settlement. Your consultant can help proactively resolve delays, assess your client’s settlement options, attend the mediation, review your fee deferral strategy, and ensure appropriate language is included in the settlement agreement and court order, if needed.

Here’s how to get started:

The First Contact: What Information Does Your Consultant Need?

When you initially reach out to your settlement consultant on a case, there is some specific information that can help expedite the process:

  • Name*
  • Date of Birth*
  • Amount to structure*
  • Social Security Number or confirmation that the client has a valid Social Security Number*
  • Type of case (e.g., wrongful death, car accident, etc.)
  • Name of the entity paying the settlement
  • Has the case settled?
  • Is the client receiving government benefits? (If yes, please list)
  • Does the client have ongoing medical needs or concerns, especially if it might affect life expectancy?

*Minimum required information to provide preliminary structured settlement options. Some structured settlement providers require confirmation of a Social Security Number before offering structured settlement options.

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The Next Step: Making the Introduction

Our settlement consultants welcome the opportunity to connect directly with your client as early as possible. An early introduction gives the consultant and the client time to build a rapport and establish trust. Your consultant will be able to anticipate any issues and have solutions available, saving everyone time as you move towards finalizing the settlement.

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At a time when law firms aim to lower costs and increase productivity, your settlement consultant is a one-stop-shop for resolving your cases more efficiently. For more information, contact Sage Settlement Consulting today.