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Mirena Umizaj

Settlement Consultant

As a Settlement Planning specialist Mirena goes beyond the standard legal conventions, infusing thoughtful and flexible options to clients receiving a recovery from a personal injury claim.

Whether for the Plaintiff or Firm, Mirena improves their bottom-line, helping them achieve financial goals of any size and nature. Best of all, her compassion for the plight of the claimant sets her above the rest as she fearlessly ascertains their well-being through the process of litigation. Mirena’s knack for finance and heart to serve provides Firms and Plaintiffs holistic, intuitive, and integrated planning to create cutting-edge portfolios.

Respected as a trailblazer in the industry of Litigation Finance, Mirena provides institutional and venture capital to law firms to enhance business operations and steadily scale inventory to provide cash flow balance through diversification.

In the past decade, Mirena successfully deployed over half-a-billion dollars to Law Firms worldwide. She has worked on the largest class-action suits and mass tort settlements in the US such as BP Oil spill, IVC Filter, Mesothelioma, Transvaginal Mesh, RoundUp, Hernia Mesh, Boy Scouts, Opioids, Human Trafficking, Route 91-Las Vegas Shooting, Military Earplugs, Talcum Powder, JUUL to name a few.

To bring it all full circle, Mirena supplies firms with comprehensive legal concierge services by giving Plaintiffs and Attorneys smooth procedures, detailed reports, and systems of navigating legal planning and funding complexities. By her awareness of market trends—and how it affects all aspects of the law—she offers a strategic edge in civil justice.

Mirena’s career began in UNICEF, working as a translator for American troops who assisted Kosovo’s genocide victims; subsequently, she found her way into the US Department of Justice & Immigration, paving the way for her fine reputation today.

At the young age of 17, Mirena immigrated to the United States from Albania. She earned her degree with honors in International Relations and Communications, graduating from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. She fluently speaks three languages, frequently traveling between the US and Europe. Currently, Mirena resides in Orlando, Florida, with her husband, Phil, and her two children, Tessa and Leo.

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