The Best Financial Safety Net for Plaintiff Attorneys & Claimants


When the stock market fluctuates, there is a subset of individuals who remain virtually untouched: structured settlement annuitants.

Injured claimants who utilize structured settlement annuities and plaintiff attorneys who structure their contingency fees have an advantage over many other people: a tax-advantaged financial safety net. A structured settlement annuity is one of very few financial products that isn’t affected by market volatility.

Structured settlement annuities provide:

  • Guaranteed1 Payments: Highly reputable life insurance companies fund structured settlement annuities. Regular, predictable payments allow claimants to have a steady source of income without having to draw down on retirement or other investments while the market is down. Structured settlement annuities can also be used to fund Special Needs Trusts, allowing claimants receiving needs-based government benefits (e.g., Medicaid, SSI, etc.) to avoid exceeding asset thresholds and losing their benefits.
  • Guaranteed Rate of Return: With a locked-in rate of return, injured claimants can rest assured that market volatility will not affect their structured settlement payments. Claimants can offset low interest rates by reinvesting their structured settlement payments in the future.
  • Preferential tax treatment: Payments (including growth) are income tax-free for physical injury and wrongful death cases and income tax-deferred for non-physical injury cases and for attorney fees.
  • No Overhead Fees or Expenses: The lack of overhead fees combined with the preferential tax treatment allow structured settlements to remain competitive with many traditional investments.

Choosing the RIGHT Expert in Uncertain Financial Times

While a trusted financial advisor is an asset in times like these, specialized expertise is needed to address unique issues related to a settlement. Unlike a structured settlement broker, who only offers structured settlement annuities, a settlement planner can recommend structured settlements in the context of more comprehensive support.

Sage’s settlement consultants can discuss and recommend solutions beyond just structured settlement annuities. Sage settlement consultants have professional partnerships with government benefit advisors, lien resolution companies, MSA administrators, elder law attorneys, and bankruptcy experts. We also have access to trusts and managed investment accounts, positioning our clients to successfully navigate unexpected situations (global pandemic and bear markets included!)

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1 Guarantees are subject to the claims-paying abilities of the issuing insurance company.