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An Easy Approach to Increasing Your Referrals

An Easy Approach to Increasing Your Referrals
Sage Settlement Consulting

When building a strong referral base, client satisfaction is a must. Attorneys who create a continuum of care for their injured clients set themselves apart from the competition. Here’s how you can increase the satisfaction of your client base and create referrals for years to come.

Creating a Seamless Transition with a Settlement Consultant

To create end-to-end service for your clients, tap an experienced settlement consultant. By working in tandem with the attorney, the settlement consultant helps determine an appropriate settlement value, sets claimant expectations, and assists in the resolution of matters that may delay the settlement, such as unresolved liens and or bankruptcy.

The settlement consultant also provides a layer of protection against potential future malpractice claims. By ensuring that the claimant understands the full scope of settlement options, issues are properly resolved, appropriate disclaimers are signed, and applicable paperwork is submitted, the law firm has taken a step towards litigation-proofing itself.

What types of clients need a settlement consultant?

It is best practice to have every client speak with a settlement consultant at least once. Even the most basic case may warrant a second look, depending on the needs of the claimant. For instance, maybe your client only anticipates a settlement of $15,000. Why involve a settlement consultant?

Maybe your client receives needs-based government benefits that will be impacted by the acceptance of a lump sum cash settlement. Perhaps your client doesn’t need the money now and wants to let it grow in a safe investment vehicle. Regardless of the claimant’s needs—however big or small—a settlement consultant can help ensure your clients have the information needed to make informed decisions.

Settlement consulting can provide benefits for almost any type of claimant, including, but not limited to:

  • Catastrophically injured claimants
  • Claimants with no long-term injuries
  • Widowed adults
  • Working adults
  • Parents of minors
  • Minors
  • Disabled individuals
  • Elderly adults
  • Claimants receiving needs-based government benefits
  • Claimants with existing liens
  • Claimants who need a trust
  • Divorcing couples
  • Claimants settling non-injury cases

How and When to Engage a Settlement Consultant

The earlier you bring in your settlement consultant, the more time there is to identify potential issues, educate the claimant on various settlement options, and complete the proper paperwork. Many attorneys choose to have settlement consultants attend mediation as well.

A simple approach is best when making the introduction between your client and a settlement consultant. Here’s an example:

“I’d highly recommend that you meet with Jane Smith at Sage Settlement Consulting. Sage is our go-to firm for getting the most out of your settlement and making sure you won’t face any issues with your proceeds. Jane will provide you with information on your settlement options and help you develop an individualized plan. She will also answer any questions you have, both now and after your settlement is finalized.”

Start growing your referral base today

By transitioning your client to an experienced settlement professional, you set yourself and your firm up for future referrals. For more information, contact the nation’s largest plaintiff-oriented settlement consulting firm today.

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